What Batches Does Our Factory(BST Factory) Have?

BSTsneaker have 3 batches and they are UA batch(Top Quality), 1:1 batch(Mid Quality), and budget batch(Budget Quality).

The reason why we call them UA batch sneaker(also called top quality) is because the UA batch sports shoes we sell are exactly the same as the authentic one, which means that most of the materials we use are the same, and a small part of them use high-quality alternatives. Materials, even with the same packaging, shoelaces, or accessories (if any).

What we call the 1:1 batch of the sneaker(also called mid-quality). Their appearance is the same as the authentic ones. The difference from the UA batch is that they use only part of the same materials as the retail ones. Other parts without authentic raw materials are used High-quality alternative materials.

What we call a budget batch of sneakers (also called budget quality), their appearance is the same as the original product, and they all use high-quality alternative materials.

Yes, it is really great. We are very happy to have such a high-quality factory (usually we call it a BST factory), and three batches of products are produced in BST factory. In order to fully know our product (and make sure our products are 100% identical).

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