Service And Guarantee

DHL Worldwide Delivery (7-15 days)

We usually ship by DHL ( fastest), usually 7-15 working days.

However, some countries or regions may not be able to ship via DHL. We also ship via FEDEX,USPS, ARAMEX, UPS, EMS.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We support 30-day returns. For a detailed return policy, please visit Shipping & Handling page

24/5 Active WhatsApp Customer Support

We have an excellent customer service team, contact us via WhatsApp or email.



100% Safe & Secured Shopping

We attach great importance to the privacy and security of our customers. Visit the Privacy Policy page to understand our policy

Free Quality Control(QC) Service

After you pay the order, we will send you QC review pictures within 48 hours(via whatsapp or email). Only after you are satisfied with the QC review pictures sent by us, we will deliver the goods to you.

We will send a new pair if it's intercepted by Customs

If your package is intercepted and destroyed by customs, we will send you a new pair (only once).