Our Story

BSTsneaker are a shoe factory with a long history. In 1989, we introduced a number of sneaker production lines to process for international brands such as "Nike" and "Adidas". From 1989 to 2008, the average annual production of sports shoes exceeded 30 million pairs. During this period, we have accumulated a large number of shoe-making processes and formed a production specification of the entire process from raw materials to finished products.

Before 2017, we provided high-quality products for sellers of replica sneakers, and because of our strict production system, the sellers won a lot of praise.

Our products

In 2018, we opened the bstsneaker.com replica sneaker store and started the replica sneaker B2C business. We provide customers with three batches of products, they are UA Batch, 1:1 Batch, Budget Batch.

1. Budget Batch, positioning mid-range. The colorway update speed is relatively fast, and more high-quality alternative materials are used, including leather materials, air cushions, sponges, insoles, etc. The shape is quite satisfactory.

2. 1:1 Batch belongs to an earlier batch, but because the cardboard is earlier, changes and upgrades were made. So this shoe has some discounts. The material is the original material, and the outsole is also a mold developed according to the original.

3. UA Batch, positioning high-end, determines the development of colorway according to the sales of the classic one. The material is made of top-grade original materials, such as Nike designated Sadisa leather material, O'Sleere insoles, Coats sewing thread, the original ZOOM air cushion, and the Vietnamese original shoe tongue Oxford cloth. In terms of technology, the same computer stitching machine, universal machine and setting machine as the official is used, which can be said to be superior in sewing machine threading, shoe tongue edging, and heel set.

Our service

1. We provide free QC(quality control) Pictures service, any order will receive our QC pictures. If the QC pictures are not satisfactory, it can be replaced at any time before shipment. We will ship your shoes until you are satisfied.

2. We provide a 30-days return and exchange service. If you received the shoes with any quality problems, you can contact us and enjoy a friendly after-sales service.

3. We accept payment by credit card (we are one of the few stores that can accept credit card payments), Paypal, Alipay.

Allegiant Fans

We are only willing to provide our products to genuine replica sneaker enthusiasts, if you are not, please do not place an order.