Sorry to inform everyone that our discord serve will no longer be used after being attacked, we have established a new discord.(

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

1.We know that the people who paid these payments have trust in bstsneaker, sorry for what happened, what we can do is for those who got scammed, we applied for a $50 off coupon.🎁 Please contact our customer service and attach a screenshot of your defrauded bill to get the discount code.

2.Please join our new Discord, you will get a $15 coupon -- the discount code will be displayed on the new Discord after following🎁 (New Discord:

3.No Sales will be made in Discord/Instagram/Reddit, this Discord is only for Support / Replica Talk or Questions if somone tells you to send them money for shoes its a Scam! Only Website:

Thank you for your support and trust in BSTsneaker, and have a great day!

NOTE: Except for the bills issued by our two official customer service accounts below, don’t believe any bills that ask you to pay in our name.

Official Customer Service: